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Time Deposit Account in Jordanian Dinar with prizes

Competitive interest and the opportunity to win a monthly cash prize on time deposits for individuals and companies through the Time Deposit Account product with prizes

Get a competitive interest and a chance to win monthly cash prizes With the only bank in Jordan that offers prizes on the time deposit account in the Jordanian banking sector.

    Prizes Time Deposit Account Benefits:

    Competitive interest rate & Monthly cash prizes.

    Interest rates 

    Inte​rest Rate​​

    Deposit Bala​nce


    50,000 JODs – less than 100,000 JODs


    100,000 JODs – less than 250,000 JODs


    250,000 JODs and above

    Winners Names

    Terms and Conditions of the Prizes Time Deposit Account

    • The product is for the new deposits only
    • The minimum deposit balance is 50,000 JODs, and for a binding period of 60 days
    • The prizes time deposit account is for all customers: individuals, companies, and business owners
    • the winning customer is excluded from participating for a period of 2 months from the date of winning the prize, which is equivalent to a full binding period
    • Deceased customers are excluded from the draw of time deposit
    • Prizes are subject to income tax, and according to the tax rate approved under the income tax instructions
    • The award shall be canceled after a period of 6 months from the date of its announcement in the event that the winner did not refer to the bank to claim it
    • The remaining terms and conditions approved by the bank in the field of opening accounts and the policy of identifying customers shall be applied
    • Time deposit accounts belonging to the bank’s employees, their spouses and children, and member of the board of directors are excluded from the program
    • It is required that more than 30 days have passed since the deposit opening date in order to enter the prize draw
    • If the value of the deposit is less than 50,000 JODs, the account’s participation in the prizes will be canceled and transferred to a regular or savings deposit account, according to the customer’s wishes
    • All cash insurance accounts of all types are excluded from entering the prize draw
    • The draw takes place on official working days only