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Time Deposit Account in Jordanian Dinar with prizes

Competitive interest and the opportunity to win a monthly cash prize on time deposits for individuals and companies through the Time Deposit Account product with prizes

 The only bank in Jordan that offers prizes on the time deposit account 

    Time Deposit Account in Jordanian Dinar with prizes

    Time Deposit Account in Jordanian Dinar with prizes is an account that allows the customer to benefit from competitive interest rates and the opportunity to win a monthly cash prize on time deposits ffor the bank’s clients (Retail and Corporates).

    Prizes Time Deposit Account Benefits

    Competitive interest rate
    Monthly cash prizes

    Prize amounts​

    Prize amount​​

    Deposit Bala​nce

    999 JOD

    50,000 JOD – less than 100,000 JOD

    2,500 JOD

    100,000 JOD – less than 250,000 JOD

    5,000 JOD

    250,000 JOD and Above

    Interest rates 

    Deposit Yearly Interest Rate​​

    Deposit Bala​nce


    50,000 JODs – less than 100,000 JODs


    100,000 JODs – less than 250,000 JODs


    250,000 JODs and above


    * For further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Call Center (ISKAN 24/7) at +96265200400, or the toll-free number 080022111, or contact us on our social media platforms.

    * Bank's terms and conditions apply.

    Terms and Conditions of the Prizes Time Deposit Account

    • The product is specific to time deposit accounts in dinars with prizes (existing and new)
    • The minimum amount for opening a Time Deposit Account with prizes is JOD 50,000, tie-up period is 60 days
    • Both Retail and corporate customers can open this account
    • The winners will be ineligible from participating in the draw for two months starting from the date of winning their prizes
    • All Time Deposit Accounts for belonging customers (according to Banks' records) will be excluded from the draw
    • All Time Deposit account prizes are subject to income tax of 15%
    • Any winner who does not claim the prize within six months of the announcement will lose the right to redeem the prize
    • Chairman and members of the Board of Directors, employees of the Bank, their spouses and their children are excluded from all the prizes offered by the bank
    • All Time Deposit Accounts will be eligible for the draw after 30 days of account opening date
    • All Time Deposit Accounts with a balance of less than JOD 50,000, are ineligible from the draw
    • All kind of Cash Margin Accounts are ineligible from the draw
    • The draw will be conducted on official working days only
    • Bank terms and conditions apply
    • The campaign ends on 31/12/2024