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Transfer your salary and enjoy

Transfer your salary to Housing Bank to obtain a cash return up to 15%

When you transfer your salary to HBTF and subscribe to the Provident Fund Program, the bank will contribute to your savings process in the proportions shown in the table below and according to your subscription segment.
Subscription segments for The Provident Fund Program


Subscription Segment

Bank Contribution Percentage


General terms and conditions
  1. The minimum salary required to participate in the program is 1,000 JODs. Only salaries transferred after the announcement of this campaign will be eligible. Existing salary transfers are not eligible for this offer.
  2. The subscription application for the service must be signed by the customer subscribing to the service through the branch.
  3. The customer has the right to have a joint provident account in the service in the name of another person of the customer’s choice.
  4. Subscriptions must be transferred monthly.
  5. Customers must transfer 12 consecutive subscriptions from their salary account to their provident account in order to be eligible for the bank's contribution at the end of the subscription period.
  6. The customer has the right to cancel the subscription and stop the periodic transfer at any time, but the customer loses their right to a contribution at that time, regardless of the length of their subscription with the bank for the service, before the date of canceling the subscription.
  7. The salary must remain transferred to the bank during the period of participation in the program.
  8. The last date for participation in the program is 31/12/2024.