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International Branches & Representative Offices

International Branches

The Bank embarked on the process of expansion outside Jordan during the 1990s where the first step was in Palestine. Further it opened a branch in Bahrain,and it established subsidiary banks in Algeria, Syria and London.

In addition to it’s representative offices in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E), Tripoli, Lybia and Baghdad (Iraq).

Currently; the International expansion of the Bank constituted a network of 16 branches (1 in Bahrain and 15 in Palestine).
Palestine - Regional Management
Address: Ramallah, AlQuds St., Padico Building, P.O.Box 1473
Tel: (+972) 2 2945500
Fax: (+972) 2 2955315
Bahrain- Regional Management
Address: Bahrain, Al Manama Center, Govt.St., P.O.Box 5929
Tel: (+973) 1 7225227
Fax: (+973) 1 7227225

Representative Offices

In addition to its International branches and subsidiary banks, The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance owns representative offices in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates, Tripoli - Libya and Baghdad - Iraq. These representative offices are playing a vital role in enhancing the Bank`s presence in the region by introducing its services in neighboring countries, building relationships with other financial institutions and encouraging other financial institutions to increase the volume of their business with the Bank. Therefore, they have been considered an important marketing tool through which the Bank was able to market its services outside Jordan and establish business relationships with non-Jordanian customers.

Contact Details

Abu Dhabi Representative Office

Representative Office Manager: Mr. Tareq Al-Karadsheh
Address: United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi, Hamoudeh Bin Ali Building, 12th Floor, office1201, Sheikh Khalifa St.
Telephone: +97126268855
Mobile: +971561516186
Fax: +971 2 6271771
E-mail :

Libya Representative Office

Representative Office Manager: Mr. Jalal M. A. El wefati
Address: Libya, Tripoli Tower, 1st Tower, Floor (15), Office (155)
P.O.Box : 91270
Telephone: 13350610 2 218+
Mobile: +218 9 25876434
Fax: +218 2 13350610
E-mail :

Iraq Representative Office

Representative Office Manager: Mr. Humam Mustafa Habeeb Al-Aani
Address: Iraq, Baghdad, Al Arsat Al Hindeya St., Area No.929, ST. No. 30, Building No.108 Babel Sub
Telephone: +9647901328647
Mobile: +9647708059030
E-mail :