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Savings Cashback

Save. Shop. Cashback!
Your savings account gives you many features!

Open a savings account and issue a credit card from Housing Bank
to get up to 4% cashback, with a monthly cashback value up to 1,000 JODs!

Program Details

Maintain the daily minimum balance of your savings account on a monthly basis and use your credit card for purchasing transactions to get up to 4% cashback, with a monthly cashback value of up to 1,000 JDs!

Table of segments of balances that are eligible to participate in the cashback campaign:

Minimum Account Balance in the Savings Account

Maximum Cashback Amount per day

Cashback Percentage

5,000 – less than 10,000 JODs

30 days


10,000 – less than 25,000 JODs


25,000 – less than 50,000 JODs


50,000 JODs or more


*The daily account balance must not be less than the above-mentioned minimum balances for each segment.    

Other features 

  • Exemptions and discounts on the commission of issuing the primary credit cards, according to the below table:

Card Type

Issuance Fee Exemption Percentage

Classic / Platinum


Infinite / Signature / Co-branded / Infinite ($)

50 %

* Exemption does not include renewal commissions
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  • 25% discount on the rental of safety deposit boxes, provided that the minimum amount is kept during the rental process for a full month. This should be considered when renewing the rental to obtain the discount
  • Participation in the draw for savings account prizes as announced each year
  • Earning interest on savings accounts, according to the announced bulletin of interest rates on the bank's website. 

Terms and Conditions

  • New and existing Savings and Mustqbaly accounts participate in the campaign
  • The customer must have an active Savings or Mustqbaly account
  • The customer is required to maintain the minimum daily balance for their account, as stated in the above table
  • The cashback is calculated on POS transactions via credit cards for purchase transactions that take place during the card cycle period, in case the customer fulfills the condition of maintaining the savings account balance during the same period of the card cycle (30) days, and that is (from the date of the 21st of the month - the 19th of the month Note that the POS transactions on the 20th day of each month will be posted with the 21st day
  • Cashback will be posted on 21st of each month
  • Cashback will be on credit card purchases only
  • The same mechanism applied with Iskan Gain program is applied in terms of the conditions of the merchants participating in the program
  • It is required to obtain a credit card regardless of its type (in the event that the customer does not have an existing card)
  • Only individual customers participate in the campaign
  • The maximum monthly cashback value for a single customer is 1,000 JDs, including the cashback amount for the Iskan Coins program
  • Cash insurance accounts are excluded from participating in the program
  • Card status must be active on the day of posting the cashback
  • The campaign ends on 31/12/2023