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Make installments through your debit card!

Install your financial transactions over 3 months with a commission starting from 1%.

Pay in an installment of your financial transactions (Point-of-sale transactions, ATM withdrawals transactions, or online purchases transactions) over 3 months with a commission starting from 1% by calling Iskan 24/7.

 Terms and Conditions:

1- Minimum transaction value is 100 JODs

2- Maximum transaction value is 2000 JODs

3- Eligible customers for the campaign include:
  • Employees who receive salaries from A-rated accredited companies.
  • According to the grant policy, the monthly salary should be at least 250 JODs for the public sector and 350 JODs for A-rated accredited companies.
  • The customer's classification is Stage A.
  • Regular salary for 6 months with fluctuations not exceeding 20%.
  • The minimum age is 25 years, and the maximum is 70 years by the end of the installment period.
  • The customer should not be listed on the Bank system.
  • No pending loan applications within the last 3 months.
4- Installment duration is 3 months

5- Maximum of 3 transactions allowed per customer during the campaign

6- Credit evaluation requires no outstanding debts or delays exceeding 29 days for existing commitments, following debt burden instructions

7- In case of cancellation, the total commission is deducted for the entire installment period

8- I commit to transferring my salary to the bank for the duration of using this service

9- I will bear the Installment service commission, which is 1% monthly for point-of-sale transactions, 1.5% monthly for ATM withdrawals, and 2% monthly for online purchases. The bank reserves the right to modify commissions and rates at any time

10- I authorize the bank to deduct the fully utilized amount from my salary when it is received or at the end of the month, whichever comes first, from any of my accounts with the bank or any entitlements due to me without needing a separate agreement

11- If my salary does not arrive for any reason, I agree that the bank can continue to charge the monthly commission using the exact mechanism until full payment is made while retaining the right to take any necessary actions for payment

12- If the bank resorts to legal action to claim the balance, I agree that the debit balance is applied from the due date until full payment

13- This service continues as long as the bank's instructions allow, and the bank has the unilateral right to terminate this service at any time without stating reasons and without assuming any legal responsibility

14- I acknowledge that the bank's records and books constitute conclusive evidence of the amounts recorded in the account and any added services, expenses, and commissions. I acknowledge that they are final, accurate, clear, and legally sufficient to prove the debt, and I cannot object to them after 51 days from the account statement date

15- I undertake to notify the bank immediately if my current employment with my current employer ends for any reason or if I change my place of residence address

16- We authorize Housing Bank for Trade and Finance to inquire about any credit information of us as debtors and/or guarantors, whether from within the bank or from the Central Bank of Jordan, the Association of Banks, or other licensed financial institutions or any other external entity authorized by the Central Bank of Jordan, to verify the information provided by us and any additional information that may assist it in making an approval decision. The bank has absolute discretion to approve or disapprove without stating reasons, except for the information in the customer's credit report related to their failure to fulfill their obligations, leading to the denial of credit

17- In the event of any complaints related to this contract, the customer has the right to submit these complaints to the Customer Complaints Unit at the bank's General Management, which is responsible for handling customer complaints, as announced at the bank's branches. The bank will investigate and verify the complaint within thirty days from the date of complaint submission
  • Terms and conditions apply. 
  • The Campaign ends on 13/02/2024
  • For more information Contact our Call Center (Iskan 24/7) at +96265200400, or the toll free number 080022111.