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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

"My Bank for Life"

The Housing Bank's slogan, "My Bank for Life"," is one that impacts all aspects of our lives and has now become deeply rooted in the bank's corporate culture. It embodies our holistic approach towards sustainability and emphasizes our commitment to supporting national efforts to overcome shared challenges, empowering us to be an integral part of the fabric of Jordanian society.

Since our establishment in 1973, we at the Housing Bank have believed in the power of positive change, the significance of our shared journey, and the importance of harnessing all our energies towards the empowerment and development of our communities. Therefore, we have always put our innovative banking services and solutions in the hands of our customers, have actively supported and financed strategic projects, and have encouraged financial inclusion and digital transformation in the Kingdom. In addition, we have taken our leadership role in the field of corporate social responsibility to the next level, launching, implementing, and supporting social and humanitarian initiatives as part of our tireless efforts to honor our role as an established and trusted national institution.

"My Bank for Life" reflects our ability to develop and meet the unique needs of our customers. Over the years, our dedication to innovation has seen us lead the way, launching the first mobile branch to provide banking services in all cities and governorates of the Kingdom, establishing the first children's branch, and launching the first savings account in Jordan. We have strengthened our branch network to become the most widely spread bank across the Kingdom, as well as offering the most innovative banking and digital services, in addition to our promise to our communities to support their efforts to achieve growth, prosperity, and sustainable development.

We believe in our humanitarian and social role, supporting national efforts in response to social, economic, and environmental challenges. We are passionate about building and development and have made significant achievements in the communities within which we operate, contributing to sustainable development by implementing a solid strategy based on support to programs and initiatives in the fields of health, education, the environment, youth, sports, and community empowerment.

We have also established strategic partnerships with national charitable and humanitarian organizations, providing them with backing to help them achieve their goals and advancing the positive impact on local communities and target groups.

We were the first to launch and support numerous programs, sponsoring economic, banking, and commercial conferences and seminars, national festivals, and sports tournaments, in addition to educational initiatives for outstanding students and assistance to people with special needs, orphans, and the most vulnerable in our society.

The Housing Bank family firmly believes in the power of positive change and community to face and meet the ever-changing needs of society. Accordingly, we will continue to exemplify the values ​​of cohesion and unity in all our corporate social responsibility undertakings.

We are immensely gratified to have had a positive influence on the communities we serve, starting with the support we provide to our institutional partners in their missions to contribute to the greater good and the achievement of comprehensive sustainable development.