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The National Program to face Coronavirus Crisis - Corporate

Program that facilitates financing for small and medium enterprises


It is a program that facilitates financing for small and medium enterprises:

  • Cover its financing needs for the purpose of financing operating expenses and working capital
  • Covering its various operating expenses and continuing its activity.
  • Enabling these economic sectors to keep their business running
  • Pay the salaries of its employees


The program covers the financing provided to professionals, craftsmen, individual institutions and small and medium enterprises that meet the following conditions and restrictions:

  1. Total assets value do not exceed (5) million JODs, or their total annual sales volume do not exceed (5) million JODs.
  2. Employees there in are less than (200).

According to the sectors as follows:         

Professions  and craftsmen sector20,000Transformative industries*1,000,000
Retail Trade200,000Transportation1,000,000
Wholesale Trade**600,000Health Facilities and services250,000
Tourist Services500,000Hospitals1,000,000
Hotels1,000,000Educational Sector750,000
Information Technology500,000Other sectors500,000

* including industries based on agricultural activities​

**Excluding importers of basic commodities to become 1 million JD regardless of the conditions and restrictions mentioned above.

Interest rate

2% without commission

Loan Term

Repayment period up to (54) months, including grace period up to (12) months as a maximum.


Promissory Note payable endorsed to the favor of CBJ which the loan requested represents 85% of the promissory note, in addition to any other extra guarantees from the customer on the light of assessing the client's credit worthiness.